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Maintenance for Software
Maintenance for software offers continuous delivery of software updates when purchased with perpetual licenses or time-based licenses.  Perpetual licenses include maintenance for the first year but will require a new maintenance license to continue to receive updates after the first year.  If you have a time-based license, maintenance is active during the period of the time-based license only.

Perpetual Licenses
The software can be used indefinitely; license does not expire but updates/support only available for the first 12-months. Support can be extended by purchasing a maintenance license. If a perpetual license goes out of support, all features will be frozen to the last released version before the support expired. The software will continue to work, but you cannot get any updates newer than the support expiration date.

Maintenance Licenses
Apply to perpetual licenses only. Maintenance license is an extension license that extends the period of support of an original perpetual license for 12 months.

Note: Since maintenance is included for 12 months with all new perpetual licenses, you will not need to purchase these licenses until sometime in 2021.

Time-Based Licenses
The software can be used through the term of the license only. Software updates and support through the term of the license are included. When the Time-Based license expires, all features will no longer work, but a new Time-Based license may be purchased.

Start of Time-Based Licenses
The start of the time-based license is linked to when the order is complete.  At the time of purchase, an email will be sent to the licensee with the availability of the license.  The license term starts on the first day of the next Tek accounting period, typically at the start of the month.

How to download Time-Based Licenses?
At the time of purchase of a license, the Tektronix AMS system will send an email to the licensee with instructions on how to access Tek.com to create an account and password so you can access TekAMS system. Licenses can be checked out using the TekAMS application at http://www.tek.com/ams.