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Why won’t my WFMNLE serial number work?

Вопрос :

Why won’t my WFMNLE serial number work?

Ответ :

The most common problem when a WFMNLE serial number doesn’t work is that it was ordered from a different computer than the code is now being entered into. Each WFMNLE serial number will only work on the computer whose unique ID was given during the purchase process.

If you are experiencing this problem, please verify that the computer you are using has a unique ID ( MAC Address) that matches the one given when you ordered the WFMNLE software. To determine the MAC address of your current computer, choose “Run...” from the start menu and type in the word “cmd” followed by the enter key. This will bring up a DOS prompt. From the DOS prompt, run the command “ipconfig -all” to get a report of your computer’s network information. From this report, your computer’s unique ID is listed under the heading “Physical Address”. Make sure this matches the unique ID you provided when ordering the WFMNLE software. If it does not, contact technical support at 1-800-833-9200, option 3 for support, and then option 3 again for video support

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