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What's new in the PQA500 compared to the PQA300?

Вопрос :

What's new in the PQA500 compared to the PQA300?

Ответ :

The PQA500 is the next-generation picture quality analyzer which builds on the technology and the success of the PQA300. New features in the PQA500 include:

1)     Faster analysis than the PQA200 and PQA300.

2)     Measure any length clip you want (limited only by hard drive capacity and processing time).

3)     DMOS measurements which provide a wider range of picture quality scores than PQR and map more closely to subjective human testing than PSNR does.

4)     Support for video resolutions ranging all the way from QCIF to HD all the way to D-Cinema.

5)     Support for any video frame rate.

6)     The ability to measure cross-resolution and cross-frame-rate material which allows the PQA500 to evaluate the video quality of format converters.

7)     Simulation of human attention to identify which regions of the image are most likely to be focused on by a typical viewer and the option to weight measurement scores based on this information.

8)     Artifact detection to measure quality loss due to specific known sources of image artifacts such as blockiness, blurring or ringing.

9)     Single-ended measurements for blockiness and attention.

10)  Fully configurable measurements which allow the user to specify almost every aspect of the simulated test audience including viewing distance, ambient luminance, type of display used, acuity of the test subjects and much more.

11)  Batch-mode processing via an XML script engine which allows automated tests to be run at regular intervals without human interaction.

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