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What printers does the 11401 support?

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What printers does the 11401 support?

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The 11400 Series oscilloscopes have built in printer drivers. These drivers are encoded in the firmware and are not easily upgraded. The earlier products were limited to the Epson dot matrix printers. As the products were upgraded to the A models, the choice of printers were enhanced. The table below has examples of some of the selections for the various models.

Oscilloscope Supported Printers Printer Output Ports
11201, 11401, 11402 Epson FX series printers, HP 2225 Centronics only
11401A, 11402A HPGL plotters, Epson & HP LaserJet printers Tektronix 4693, 4695 & 4697 printers GPIB, RS232, Centronics

The 1140xA model products also added another selection, BitMap Dump. Using this selection, you could transfer a BinHex Compacted file to a PC and translate the file into a TIFF image. This could be used for documentation purposes. The conversion software can be found in the oscilloscope software and drivers area. The conversion file name is newtiff.zip.

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