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What is the maximum speed that I can get polled mode data?

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What is the maximum speed that I can get polled mode data?

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Polled mode data is a CPU dependent operation. The faster the CPU, the faster the process will execute. Applications that have successfully run on a 90 MHz Pentium may no longer satisfactorily operate on a P-III 600 MHz computer if the application relies upon polling for critical sequencing. For example, a simple 'For Next loop' to ramp the voltage on an Analog Output card may occur too fast when ported from a slow computer to a relatively fast one. A hardware clock to control when readings occur is recommended when sequence of events or duration is important to an application. Tests on a P-II 233 MHz running Windows NT4.0 show polled mode operations under DriverLINX no faster than 400 microseconds. These results will vary with CPU speed.

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