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What features were added with FW version 3.20 for the CT100?

Вопрос :

What features were added with FW version 3.20 for the CT100?

Ответ :

Problem Description: The Calling Number does not display correctly in POTS mode when the CT-100 (Versions 3.00 & 3.01) is connected to a Motorola BitSurf Pro device or a POTS line with CLASS messaging. The problem tends to appear when several POTS calls are received in a row. Once the instrument begins displaying incorrect information, it may continue to fail to display correct Caller ID information without recovering.

What was changed: CLASS messages will now be correctly decoded, whether connected to an analog POTS line or to an ISDN TA analog port.

Affected products: All CT-100s with serial number B060509 and lower may exhibit this problem. This is not a problem with instruments that have the new POTS card running Version 3.01.

Problem Description: Under certain conditions, the CT-100 did not maintain proper call status when connected to a noisy line.

What was changed: The CT-100 will now maintain call status when a large number of Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) errors are received by the NT-1 as long as U-Interface frame synchronization is intact. In addition, if the calls are dropped due to loss of frame synchronization, they can be reestablished once sync returns. The CT-100 will now recover synchronization when exiting QUIET or ILMT modes (2B1Q only).

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