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Can I run VectorVu-PC without a TTR500A?  

Вопрос :

Can I run VectorVu-PC without a TTR500A?  

Ответ :

Yes, you can run VectorVu-PC in simulation mode. VectorVu-PC has an internal VNA simulator that you can use for analysis without a TTR500 unit. Use Connection Manager to switch to simulator mode. When you connect the simulator, the Instrument Status bar turns gray. This is because the information in the Instrument Status bar only applies to measurements made using TTR500 units.

Click System > More > Simulator to open the simulator submenu. These options are available:

Load SnP:

When you use the internal simulator in VectorVu-PC, use the Load SnP function to load data in the SnP (Touchstone) format for offline analyses. The SnP file completely represents the S-parameters of a DUT. When you use the SnP file of a DUT in the offline (simulator) mode: You do not need the actual DUT for analysis. Therefore, you can share parameter data with other users. You do not need to be at the test location to analyze the data.

Load Noise Floor:

Set the noise floor level for your measurements using the Noise Floor function. The noise floor is the sum of all noise sources and unwanted signals in the VNA. It limits the smallest measurement that can be isolated from the noise. Ideally, a lower noise floor is better for more accurate measurements.


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