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Specs: How does the 2400-LV differ from the 2400?

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Specs: How does the 2400-LV differ from the 2400?

Ответ :

The Model 2400-LV SourceMeter is a reduced capability version of the Model 2400 not intended for general release. Designed for a narrow range of applications, the 2400-LV eliminates the high voltage supplies internal to the instrument, thereby eliminating the 200-volt range.

The Model 2400-LV will operate in a manner identical to a standard Model 2400 for applications using the 200mV, 2V, and 20V ranges and all current ranges (with compliance using the 200mV, 2V, or 20V ranges). The difference is, with the 2400-LV the 200V range is INOPERABLE, do not use this range.

The firmware used in the Model 2400-LV is identical to that in the standard Model 2400. Except as noted above, software or a driver written for a Model 2400 will be compatible with the Model 2400-LV; to the software or driver, the Model 2400-LV appears as another Model 2400. The Model 2400-LV operates in a manner identical to the Model 2400 with one key exception: an output command that uses the 200V range, whether received via front panel buttons, or with a GPIB/RS-232 command, will NOT be properly controlled and if sent, will NOT return an error message.

Model 2400-LV users can find Model 2400 specifications and a user manual on the Keithley web site.

An upgrade is available for the Model 2400-LV SourceMeter that converts it into a standard Model 2400 SourceMeter. Please contact Keithley's Calibration and Repair Department on-line to receive pricing and order "RC/2400-LV UPGRADE", including upgrade to a standard Model 2400, updating of firmware to latest revision, full calibration, a new manual on CD ROM, and a 90-day warranty.


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