P7708 with P77BRWSR measure 0-10V signal.


Can the P7708 with P77BRWSR measure 0-10V signal?


Yes, 10V is possible with using the P77BRWSR browser. The key specs are the differential input range and the operating voltage window.

You need to ensure that the signal being probed stays within the linear input range and this range can be moved anywhere in the operating window using the probe’s offset voltages.

Using an offset of 5V and by putting one leg of the browser (B-side) on 0V and the other (A-side) on 10V, you can keep the signal in the linear input range of the probe’s amplifier.

Here is a graphic of the input range and operating voltage window that might help



This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: Low Voltage Differential Probes

Product: P7708, P7713, P7716, P7720

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