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Is it possible to export a .csv file from the THS3000 Series Oscilloscope?

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Is it possible to export a .csv file from the THS3000 Series Oscilloscope?

Ответ :

You can export waveform data from the THS3000 Series ‘scopes using your PC and some software.  To do this, follow the steps below.

1.  Install THS3000 USB Drivers:  https://www.tek.com/oscilloscope/ths3014-software/ths3000-usb-drivers

2.  Install OpenChoice Desktop:  https://www.tek.com/oscilloscope/tds210-software/tektronix-openchoice-desktop-application-tdspcs1-v26

3.  On the THS3000, save your waveform by selecting "Save" -> Screen + Setup -> "Enter".  You can change from Int to USB memory if you'd like, but ether will work.  Name and save the file.

4.  To capture the data that you want, you must display the waveform on the scope screen first.  If it is no longer there, you can bring it back by selecting "Save" -> Recall -> Data and selecting the appropriate file.  Hit recall and it should bring the waveform to the screen.

5.  Once the waveform is on the screen, plug the THS3000 into your computer with a mini-USB cable.

6.  On your PC, open the OpenChoice Desktop application.  Select your instrument (Tektronix THS30xx).  Go to the "Waveform Data Capture" tab and push the "Get Data" button.  Once this has completed, you should see your waveform on your PC screen.  Select "Save As" to save the waveform as a .csv.

Note:  To recall data using OpenChoice Desktop, the waveform MUST be displayed on the THS3000.  That is why you must recall the waveform if it is no longer displayed on the instrument.

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