How to set up for Ethernet Connection on Keithley 6221.


How do I set up my Keithley 6221 for Ethernet connection?  I want to be able to control if through the 6220 demo software.


To establish the communication between Model 6221 and PC through Ethernet follow the steps below:

  1. On the 6221, press COMM.
  2. Select Ethernet, press ENTER. 3. Now go to the PC and use the Command Prompt. Usually under Accessories or WINDOWS SYSTEM.
  3. Type in IPCONFIG. And press ENTER on the keyboard.
  4. Find Ethernet Adapter Ethernet.
  5. Locate IPv4 address (example… write this down.
  6. Locate Subnet Mask(example… write this down.
  7. I there is a default gateway write it down (example…
  8. Go back to the Model 6221. And select IP and press ENTER.
  9. Enter in the IP address in step 6, except increase the last digit by one ( 128 is now 129). Press ENTER.
  10. Select Subnet , press ENTER.
  11. Enter in the subnet mask number in step 7. (example Press ENTER.
  12. Select Gateway, press ENTER.
  13. Enter in gateway from step 8. Increase the last digit by one (130 is now 131). Press ENTER.
  14. Press EXIT twice.
  15. Now back to the PC and in the command prompt, type in the word PING, press ENTER on the keyboard.
  16. It should return with four replies…
  17. If step 16 is good then communication is there.

Now you can start the 6220 demo software and it should “find” the 6221.

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