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How do I print the screen efficiently?

Вопрос :

How do I print the screen efficiently?

Ответ :

If you use the PRINT icon, or the File->Print menu, and select "Print to File," you will be offered your choice of several standards for storing images, and will be able to select the name and directory for the output. The "Setups" toolbar will hide for the printing operation.

The recommended format for screen captures is .png ; for example the popular jpeg ( .jpg ) format is very powerful for photographs of a physical world but is aimed at captures of computer images (such as the oscilloscope screen).

As a standard MS-Windows operation, Prt Sc ("Print Screen") will save the whole screen into the Cut & Paste Buffer. Alt-Prt-Sc will save just the active window. Use e.g. Microsoft Paint ( part of the standard Win98® installation), or better yet the Microsoft Photo Editor (part of e.g. Microsoft Office 2000) as a program to paste the Cut & Paste Buffer into; from within the Paint you can print, save into file, etc. If you would like to print just a part of the screen capture, you can use one of the many (often free or shareware) utilities for manipulating pixel images - for example the shareware "Capture Professional."

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