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How can I tell if the RSA306 is connected?

Вопрос :

How can I tell if the RSA306 is connected?

Ответ :

When first attached to your computer, the RSA306 status light is red and it begins installing the RSA306 Device Drivers.  When the drivers are installed, the RSA306 internally boots up and its light turns green.  (This takes about 5 seconds.)  When the RSA306 light is green, it is ready to communicate with the PC.  Then you can launch SignalVU-PC.

If you have SignalVu-PC running, you can also verify connection status by looking at the “Connection” indicator square on the menu bar in SignalVu-PC.  It is green when an instrument is connected, and red when it is not.  You can also view the name of the instrument that is connected by hovering the mouse indicator over the green indicator square.

Note: When SignalVu-PC searches for and connects to the RSA306, it forces a re-boot of the instrument, and you will see the status light on the RSA306 cycle to red, then green again.  (Connection may take up to 10 seconds.)

If you do not get the green light when the RSA306 is first connected to your computer, check the following:

1.       Does the USB port you connecting to indicate that it is a USB 3.0 port?

2.       Does is show the USB 3.0 “Super Speed” logo on the port?

3.       When you open the Device Manager and go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers do you see reference to USB 3.0 and if so, does is show the RSA306?  If not, your computer may not have the latest USB 3.0 driver installed for the computers USB hardware.  Check with your computer manufacture for the latest USB 3.0 driver.


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