QCLOUD File-based content QC in the Cloud v7.6

QCloud v7.6 (Windows) can be installed as a new installation. It can also be used for evaluations in demo mode.

If your evaluation involves processing of files other than the ones provided with this package, you will need a demo license key. Please contact your Tektronix representative to attain a demo license key.

QCloud v7.6.6.55 includes the following features:
- No upfront CapEx cost
- Instant scalability always ensuring perfect sizing to workflow
- Metered usage billing ensures you only pay for what you use
- QC content from Amazon S3 location

- EBS optimized to ensure persistence of data across instance reboots
- Provides Exception-based Technical Compliance to Enable QC Teams to Focus on Problem Content and Subjective Requirements
- Performs Consistent and Thorough Checks of Incoming Video Files against User-defined Templates
- Ensures compliance to regulatory requirements such as U.S. CALM Act, EBU R128, Canadian Closed Caption mandates, U.K. OfCom & Japan NAB Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy (PSE)
- Ensure Quality of All Audio Tracks Contained in the File Simultaneously
- Automatically corrects audio loudness and peak audio level issues to increase workflow efficiency and reduce CapEx/OpEx
- Logs Errors, Informs Automation Systems, plus Programmable Actions such as E-mail User Alert, Quarantine and Move Files
- Integrates with Video Servers, Automation and MAM/DAM systems via Web-services (SOAP) API
- Web-based Multiuser Interface
- Unlimited Scalability from Stand-alone (single instance) to Enterprise (multi-instance cluster for higher parallel processing and high availability)

  • Версия: v7.6.6.55
  • Тип программное обеспечение: Ключ доступа защищен
  • Дата выпуска:
  • Номер по каталогу: 066159700

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