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Корпорация Tektronix предоставляет руководства, технические описания и программное обеспечение для выпускаемых приборов и многих приборов, производство которых прекращено. Все эти материалы доступны для загрузки.

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  • Техническое описание Номер по каталогу Дата выпуска
    DC Coupled Current Probe
    When combined with a Tektronix TDS oscilloscope, the TCP202 enables users to make direct readout DC and AC current measurements, resulting in accurately displayed and recorded measurements. The TCP202 is a general-purpose probe for displaying and measurin...
    AC/DC Current Measurement Systems
    The TCP300 and TCP400 Series AC/DC current measurement family is a highly advanced current measurement system for today's current measurement needs. When connected to Tektronix oscilloscopes with TEKPROBE Level II, TekConnect (w/ TCA-BNC), or TekVPI (w/ T...
    Current Probes 60W-60294-2
    30 A AC/DC Current Probe
    TCP0030A is a high-performance, easy-to-use AC/DC current probe designed for use and direct connection to oscilloscopes with the TekVPI™ probe interface. This AC/DC current measurement probe provides greater than 120 MHz of bandwidth with selectable 5 A a...
  • Explore a collection of test and measurement tools chosen by Tektronix experts perfect for engineers working on power integrity. From measuring ripple on DC power rails to seeing noise on your power…
    Duration: 0h 1m 25s
    Testing power quality is a critical part of any power design process. In this video, our Tektronix expert shares tips and tricks for using an oscilloscopes or power analyzer during design and debug…
    Do you have trouble making accurate current or voltage measurements? Are you able to make repeatable single ended, differential, and common mode measurements? Start making reliable power measurements…
    Duration: 0h 1m 25s
    This video looks at how to minimize power losses at the component level and optimize the overall efficiency of a power system. The primary causes of power loss in a power system are the power…
    Duration: 0h 1m 51s
    Automotive Ethernet with PAM3 introduces new test challenges. Tektronix' new, innovative, non-intrusive Signal Separation simplifies Automotive Ethernet testing and set-up, providing advanced signal…
    Duration: 0h 8m 3s

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