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  • Manual Manual Type Part Number Release Date

    The OM1106 Optical Modulation Analyzer software provides an ideal platform to research and test coherent optical systems. It offers a complete software package for acquiring, demodulating, analyzing, and visualizing complex modulated systems from an easy-to-use interface.

    Primary User 077109300

    This manual describes operation of the DPO3PWR, MDO3PWR and DPO4PWR Power Analysis Modules, which enable automatic measurement of many common power measurements in the areas of power quality, harmonics, slew rate, switching loss, safe operating area, ripple, and modulation analysis.

    User 071263101
    MDO4000B Series Oscilloscopes and Application Modules

    This document helps customers with data security concerns to sanitize or remove memory devices from the MDO4000B Series instruments.

    Declassification 077085800
    OM4006D, OM4106D

    Supports version 1.6.2.x and above. This document describes installation and use of the OM4106D and OM4006D Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer and associated software.

    Primary User 071316002
    MDO3000 Series

    This document contains procedures for installing and verifying MDO3AERO, MDO3AUDIO, MDO3AUTO, MDO3COMP, MDO3EMBD, MDO3FLEX, MDO3USB, MDO3LMT, MDO3PWR application modules in MDO3000 oscilloscopes.

    User 071325000
    MSO/DPO2000B and MSO/DPO2000 Series

    This document contains information that is necessary to install a product software and/or hardware kit. The instructions may include configuration, adjustment, functional check, and operating instructions related to the kit installation.

    Field Install Instructions 071233001
    MSO4000B and DPO4000B Series and Application Modules

    If you have data security concerns, this document helps you to sanitize or remove memory devices from the Tektronix MSO4000B Series and DPO4000B Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes.

    Declassification 077051101
    IConnect and MeasureXtractor

    This manual provides installation, basic operation, and application example instructions for the IConnect® and MeasureXtractor™ TDR analysis software.

    Primary User 071267701
    TPS2PWR1 User Manual

    This document is targeted to product users and explains operation and/or installation procedures. It may also provide information about features and functions, applications and troubleshooting.

    Primary User 071145201

    Supports software V2.2.x and below. The OM1106 Optical Modulation Analyzer software is an ideal tool for coherent optical systems research. The easy-to-use interface lets you quickly acquire, demodulate, analyze, and display complex modulated signals.

    Primary User 077109302
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