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TekExpress Industrial Ethernet (10BASE-T1L) Automated Compliance Solution - MSO5 and MSO6 series - V1.0.0

TekExpress Industrial Ethernet Compliance Solution - MSO 5000 and 6000The TekExpress Industrial Ethernet application (10Base-T1L) is a compliance test solution for performing transmitter electrical specification measurements and MDI return loss measurements in accordance to IEEE P802.3cg? specifications. The Industrial Ethernet application is an Ethernet-based point-to-point technology for long range industrial applications. Key features:? Fully automated setup wizard to perform transmitter electrical specification measurements and MDI electrical specification return loss measurements ? Comprehensive reports of results with Pass/Fail status along with plots ? Offers full coverage of test measurements ? One instrument offering full coverage of measurements. Return Loss measurement is offered as a patented approach and requires an oscilloscope only, without the need of an additional instrument (VNA) ? Power Spectral Density (PSD) is an oscilloscope-based measurement and Spectrum analyzer is not required ? Validates Test Mode signals before performing measurements ? Ability to run the measurements multiple times and generate result statistics across runs Supported measurements:? Transmitter Output Droop ? Transmitter Timing Jitter ? Transmitter Power Spectral Density and Power Level ? Transmitter Output Voltage ? Transmit Clock Frequency ? Return Loss

Это программное обеспечение относится к следующему: MSO54 , MSO56 , MSO58 , MSO64

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