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DPOJET SAS Tx Compliance Test Application DPO-DSA-MSO 70000C,D,DX,SX - Win7 Win10 - v10.2.1

The new DPOJET SAS solution provides measurements for SAS 22.5Gbps, 12Gbps, 6Gbps, 3Gbps and 1.5Gbps and OOB Tx testing. Simple and easy-to-use measurement setups help perform all measurements with a simplified interface. Automation options help meet compliance needs and generate detailed reports.Key Features and Benefits:-- Transmitter Validation for SAS-4 Physical Layer Specification-- Transmitter Validation for SAS-3 Physical Layer Specification-- Transmitter Validation for SAS-OOB Physical Layer Specification-- Integrated SAS3_EYEOPENING Measurement for Accurate Analysis of ISI and Crosstalk Effects and Relative Vertical Eye Opening after Reference Equalization-- Easily Reconfigure Existing Measurements to Create User-specified Test Parameters or Test Limits-- Multiple Plots and Measurement Configurations enables a Quick Comparison of the Same Acquired Data with Different Settings-- Detailed Test Reports with screenshots, setup details, and pass/fail limits

Это программное обеспечение относится к следующему: DPO71254C , DSA71254C , MSO71254C , DPO71604C , DSA71604C , MSO71604C , DPO72004C , DSA72004C , MSO72004C , DPO72504D , DSA72504D , DPO73304D , DSA73304D , DPO72304DX , MSO72304DX , DPO72504DX , MSO72504DX , DPO73304DX , MSO73304DX , DPO72304SX , DPO73304SX , DPO75002SX , DPO77002SX

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