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TekExpress HEAC - DPO7000-C-DPO-DSA-MSO70000-B-C-D - Win XP - Win7, V1.3.8

HDMI Ethernet Audio Back Channel (HEAC) which is part of HDMI 1.4a/b specifications enables networking of HDMI devices, speeds up signaling between Transmitter and Receiver devices and also provides a faster path for the audio return channel.

Option HEAC Compliance Test Software, which meets the HDMI 1.4a/b HEAC specification, automates a comprehensive range of tests enabling unprecedented efficiency for performing HDMI 1.4a/b electrical validation.

Comprehensive HDMI 1.4 HEAC solution including test fixtures, DPO7000/C, DPO/DSA70000D/DX, DPO/DSA/MSO70000/B/C Real-Time Oscilloscopes, P7330 or TDP1000 Series Differential Probes, P6245 or TAP1500 Series Active Probes, AWG5000/B, AWG7000/B/C Arbitrary Waveform Generators and DSA8200 Sampling Oscilloscope.
  • Версия: V1.3.8
  • Тип программного обеспечения: Application (Предварительные установки > Приложение)
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