Models 7711 and 7712 Single-Pole Dual 1x4 RF Multiplexer Module instructions for use with the 2700, 2701, and 2750 Руководство

User's Guide for the 7711 2 GHz 50 ohm RF module and 7712 3.5 GHz 50 ohm RF module

The Models 7711 and 7712 Single-Pole Dual 1x4 RF Multiplexer Modules User's Guide describes how to set up and use the modules for use with the Integra product line, including the 2700, 2701, and 2750.

This manual applies to:

7711, 7712, 2700, 2701, 2750
  • Manual Type: Primary User
  • Part Number: PA-818B
  • Release Date:

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