DisplayPort 1.4 – Test Challenges and Solutions - Webinar

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While the whole world is focused around 4K display technology, the DisplayPort 1.4 specification raises the bar by supporting resolutions as high as 8K, which is the current highest bench mark in the industry. This is achieved by increasing the operating data rates from current highest speed, 5.4Gbps, to 8.1Gbps. DisplayPort designers face new challenges if they are to satisfy compliance and characterization requirements. Additionally, a new data rate also increases test times, one of the greatest concerns for design and test engineers when it comes to meeting Physical Layer compliance requirement.

In this webinar, we will learn about challenges associated with DisplayPort 1.4 Physical Layer testing and talk about new solutions available.

Speaker: Yogesh Pai  -  Product Manager, Tektronix

Yogesh Pai is Product Manager for Display Technology at Tektronix which covers HDMI and DisplayPort solution. He has been associated with Tek for over 6 years now and has vast experience from software development to Product Management in his 11 year career. He represents Tektronix at standards body like HDMI Forum and VESA workgroups and participates actively in Face 2 Face and Industry test events.

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