400G Networking and 28GBd/56GBd Testing, Are You Ready? – Webinar

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With PAM4 moving into production and 400G design efforts in full swing, the test challenges around characterization, verification and debug, and manufacturing testing have never been greater.


This in-depth discussion on new technologies and techniques for 100G/400G optical transmitter (TX) testing will help you accelerate your product development and maximize your manufacturing test efforts.

You will learn:

100G/400G PAM4 from R & D to production. Learn how to enable a seamless transition from design to manufacturing workflows.

PAM4 debug and validation. The move to PAM4 modulation presents validation and debug challenges that real-time oscilloscope-based solutions can address by means of advanced equalization and digital clock recovery, effective error rate analysis, and offline analysis capabilities.

New software solutions. Learn how advances in software are also playing a key role in driving significant improvements in manufacturing yield for next generation optical components and interconnects and further speed 400G debug and troubleshooting.


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