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See the Future

At a massive 15.6”, the largest, highest-resolution (1920 x 1080) color scope display on the planet, we’ve made room for signals, plots, and results tables so that you can stay focused on problem-solving.

Data Over Dials

Streamlined, with 85% of the instrument’s face dedicated to viewing and not menu buttons, we retained critical controls for simple intuitive operation, but with functions directly accessed via objects on the display.

Light the Way

Usability becomes easier, with soft light used to indicate channel status, providing a gentle, passive orientation to the test state.

5 Series Touch Screen


MSO 5 Series - High shot on panel


More Channels

We’ve all debugged a particularly difficult problem. Or wanted greater system visibility and context, but found a four-channel scope limiting. And using a second scope requires the cumbersome process of aligning trigger points, determining timing relationships across two displays and difficulty documenting your work. Four, six and eight channel models enable easy visualization of the entire design.

Ultimate Flexibility

Each channel can be configured as a single, high resolution analog channel or eight digital channels by simply attaching the TLP058 logic probe. This unprecedented flexibility enables the 5 Series to be reconfigured on the fly to meet the debug task at hand.

Clever Touch

Intuitive touch-screen allows you to interact with data, with pinch-zoom operation giving visibility to greater details, making signal interpretation even easier. Pinch and zoom on interesting data. Drag to reposition waveforms for preferred viewing. Drag items to the trash can to delete them. Swipe to reveal tool bars and menus.