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Tektronix IsoVu Measurement System White Paper

This white paper describes the optically isolated measurement system architecture trademarked IsoVu™. IsoVu offers complete galvanic isolation and is the industry’s first measurement solution capable of accurately resolving high bandwidth, low voltage differential signals in the presence of large common mode voltages. The stand out feature of IsoVu™ is its best in class common mode rejection across the entire bandwidth.


The target audience for this paper includes anyone making the following measurements:

* Differential measurements in the following conditions:
   ** Complete galvanic isolation is required
   ** High common mode voltage
   ** High frequency common mode interference
* Measurements in high EMI environments
* EMI compliance testing
* ESD testing
* Remote measurements up to 10 meters away from the device under test without loss in measurement performance


Accurate differential measurements rely on a measurement system’s bandwidth, rise time, common mode voltage, common mode rejection capability, and the ability to connect to smaller test points to characterize devices that are shrinking in size and increasing in performance. Despite these requirements, advancements in test and measurement for power testing, EMI testing, ESD testing, and remote measurement capability have been minimal at best and have not kept pace with changing requirements. While differential voltage probes have had modest performance gains in regard to bandwidth, these probes have failed to make any substantial improvements in regard to common mode rejection, and connectivity. IsoVu is a leap forward in technology and is the only solution with the required combination of high bandwidth, high common mode voltage, and high common mode rejection to enable these differential measurements.


Download the PDF to read more: