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Support for the Motorola 68030 and 68EC030 processors.

68030 Microprocessor Support

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    • Full speed state analysis up to 50 MHz for the 68030
    • Full speed state analysis up to 40 MHz for the 68EC030
    • Disassembly shows acquired data in the processor's instruction set mnemonics.
    • Symbolically identifies all processor bus cycles
    • Acquired data can be linked directly to HLL source files for source level debug
    • 500 ps timing resolution enables detailed analysis of setup and hold times, edge-to-edge relationships, control timing, etc.
    • All data acquired by the logic analyzer is time stamped to enable accurate time correlation of code execution to other system busses or hardware activity.

    Probing and Package Styles

    • 68030 probe adapter designed for a socketed 128-pin PGA package.
    • 68EC030 probe adapter designed for a socketed 132-pin QFP package.

    Minimum System Requirements

    • TLA7xx mainframe and one TLA7L3 acquisition module, 102 channels, 100 MHz state, 32K deep (200 MHz state, 136 channels and up to 64M deep available)
    • Or TLA603 instrument, 102 channels, 100 MHz state, 32K deep (200 MHz state, 136 channels and up to 1M deep available)
    • qty 3: P6817 probes (included with acquisition module)
    • TLA application software version 1.0 or greater

    Package Includes

    • Instrument setup software including clocking and channel assignments
    • Symbol table of all bus cycle names
    • Disassembler for 68030 and 68EC030 processors
    • Probe adapter for ether a socketed 128-pin PGA package or 132-pin QFP package.
    • User manual

    Ordering Information

    device descriptionproduct number

    add probe adapter (REQUIRED):

    •   socketed 128-pin PGA (for 68030)
    •   socketed 132-lead QFP (for 68EC030)
    • TMS203 (opt 01)
    • TMS203 (opt 02)
    add qty 6: P6417 -or- P6418 general purpose probes (REQUIRED)

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