RADAR Plug-in Datasheet

RADAR Plug-in Datasheet

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The Tektronix RADAR plug-in is a simple and flexible tool to create RADAR pulsed waveforms with various modulations and impairments for the purpose of building complex and real world RADAR test signals. The plug-in integrates into the SourceXpress waveform creation platform, and the AWG70000 series and AWG5200 series arbitrary waveform generators.

Key features
  • Allows the creation of multiple pulses and pulse groups to simulate scenarios like Multiple Target Returns and Antenna scanning
  • Customize pulses and add impairments to simulate real world signals
  • Wide variety of intra-pulse modulations (such as LFM, Barker, Piecewise LFM, Non Linear FM,…,) catering to different kinds of pulse compression schemes
  • Simulate antenna scanning with different beam profiles to simulate real world target returns for RADAR receivers and Electronic Warfare (EW) scanners
  • Define Inter Pulse-hopping Patterns in both Frequency and Amplitude to generate signals for anti-jamming applications
  • Simulate Doppler frequency shifts, staggered PRI, Multipath and other features to help customers test their RADAR receivers for real world scenarios in the lab
  • S-Parameter emulation (requires license)
    • Directly convolve Scattering parameters with the pulse to recreate the channel characteristics. Cascading S-Parameters allows you to cascade up to six Touchstone files of the same format to emulate a cascaded channel
  • Offline Mode
    • Designed to also run on an external PC via the SourceXpress PC application, thereby reducing the time taken to synthesize large waveforms and leaving the instruments free for continued testing
  • Seamless transition between design and playback
    • The easy to use graphical user interface integrates seamlessly with the user interfaces of the SourceXpress PC application and the Tektronix AWG70000 series and AWG5200 series generators
  • Designed for integration for automated test or manufacturing
    • Programmatic Interface allows for integration into existing workflows

Ultimate Radar signal flexibility

The Radar plug-in provides the ultimate in flexibility for creating Pulsed Radar waveforms. It gives users the ability to build custom Radar Pulse suites starting from pulse-to-pulse trains to pulse groups. It supports a variety of modulation schemes including LFM, Up-Down Chirp, QPSK, BPSK, Barker/Frank/Polyphase Codes including P1/P2/P3/P4, Step FM, Nonlinear FM, User-defined Step FM/AM and Step PM/AM, and Custom Modulation. It also has the ability to generate pulse trains with staggered PRI to resolve Range and Doppler ambiguity, frequency hopping for Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM), and pulse-to-pulse amplitude variation to simulate Swerling target models, including antenna scan patterns, clutter, and multipath effects. Add as many topics as you want for a description.

Complex environments

Commercial, Electronic Warfare, Simulation and design RADAR applications are becoming more complex as environments, threats and RADAR needs become more complex. To meet these needs, the Radar plug-in allows for the development, recreation and simulation of real world radar signals in an easy to use environment.


  • Plug-in installed with SourceXpress on PC:
    • SourceXpress software version 5.3 or greater
    • PC operating systems: Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Plug-in installed on compatible instruments:
    • AWG70000 Series, firmware version 5.3 or greater
    • AWG5200 Series, firmware version 6.0 or greater
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