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Option 6-CMNBASET and 6-CMXGBT Application Datasheet

Ethernet (2.5G, 5G and 10G) Electrical Testing Software for 6 Series MSO


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The Ethernet Transmitter Test application automates 10GBASE-T, NBASE-⁠T (2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T), and IEEE802.3bz (2.5G/5G) physical medium attachment (PMA) physical-layer (PHY) electrical testing to provide a fast and accurate way of testing your ethernet designs.

Based on the TekExpress test automation framework, the Ethernet Transmitter Test application performs all PMA electrical measurements as specified by the IEEE802.3an standard, the IEEE802.3bz standard, and the NBASE-T specification. This allows you to quickly and efficiently test ethernet devices running at 2.5G, 5G, and 10G data rates.

To accurately make these measurements, you need the Tektronix TF-⁠XGBT test fixture. The TF-⁠XGBT test fixture allows you to easily access the device under test (DUT) using either differential probes or matched SMA cables.

Key features
  • Comprehensive automated solution for 2.5GBASE-T, 5GBASE-T and 10GBASE-T PHY testing

  • Highly optimized and user friendly interface flow that sets up the test configuration for quick validation of electrical signals.

  • Compliance and margin testing for accurate analysis and improved interoperability.

  • Time-domain and frequency-domain measurements made with single analysis instrument.

  • Test execution on an oscilloscope with remote control using programmatic interface from an external PC.

  • Single instrument analysis of time and frequency domain measurements.

  • Signal acquisition and analysis support for differential probes or direct SMA cabling.

Test selection and instrument setup

Test selection is easy and straight forward through the intuitive TekExpress workflow. Select the measurements to execute and click on Start button.


For each measurement selected, the Ethernet Transmitter application automatically configures the oscilloscope, saving setup time and ensuring repeatable, reliable results.

As each test is performed, the application guides you through the connection diagrams.



A summary report with Pass/Fail status for each test is created after the test execution is complete. This report includes test configuration details, waveform plots, and margin analysis to provide more insight into your design.


Pass/Fail report

Margin testing

You can make changes to test specific parameters like test limits and other parameters to perform detailed margin analysis to validate your device performance.


Droop configuration parameters

Probe support for signal acquisition

The application allows signal acquisition and analysis with either matched pair SMA cables or differential probes.


Differential and single-ended probe support


Return loss

The automated test application simplifies Return Loss testing and eliminates the need for a Vector Network Analyzer by using a patented oscilloscope-based measurement along with a Tektronix AWG. Calibration data for Open, Load, and Short can be stored in a file and recalled in the test application.


Return loss

Complete programming interface

The TekExpress application provides a programmatic interface with support for a high-level automation layer such as Visual Basic, Microsoft.Net, C#, C⁠++, Python, or any other web application. This lets you control the execution of the TekExpress Ethernet application running on an oscilloscope from a local machine or using a remote computer.

Programming examples are found in the application examples folder.

Offline analysis

Offline analysis feature of the TekExpress Ethernet application allows the user to analyze the already acquired waveforms. Select Use pre-recorded waveform files in the application DUT panel to acquire the waveforms and save it as a waveform files.

This allows the waveforms to be captured from an oscilloscope and shared across multiple users, sites to perform analysis using other oscilloscopes.




Offline analysis using pre-recorded waveform files


10GBASE-T measurements

The following tests are performed as per the IEEE802.3-2012 standard. The device under test (DUT) must be able to provide the test mode signals as indicated in IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 55.5.2.

Measurement Standard reference and Test mode
Maximum Output Droop IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Master IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Transmit Clock Frequency IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Slave IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Transmitter Linearity IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Transmitter Power Spectral Density (PSD) and Power IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
Return Loss IEEE802.3-2012 Subclause 
2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T measurements

The following tests are performed as per the IEEE802.3bz/D3.3 draft standard. The device under test (DUT) must be able to provide the test mode signals as indicated in IEEE802.3bz/D3.3 Subclause 126.5.2.

Measurement Test mode
Maximum Output Droop IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Master IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Transmit Clock Frequency IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Slave IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Transmitter Nonlinear Distortion IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Transmitter Power Spectral Density (PSD) and Power IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
Return Loss IEEE80.bz/D3.3 Subclause 
NBASE-T measurements

The following tests are performed as per the NBASE-T Physical Layer Specification. The device under test (DUT) must be able to provide the test mode signals as indicated in NBASE-T Physical Layer Specification version 1.1 Subclause 2.9.

Measurement Test mode
Maximum Output Droop Subclause, Test Mode 6 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Master Subclause, Test Mode 2 
Transmit Clock Frequency Subclause, Test Mode 2 
Transmitter Timing Jitter - Slave Subclause, Test Mode 1 and Mode 3 
Transmitter Nonlinear Distortion Subclause, Test Mode 4, Tones 1-5 
Transmitter Power Spectral Density (PSD) and Power Subclause, Test Mode 5 
Return Loss Subclause, Test Mode 5 

Ordering information

Required hardware
Oscilloscope 6 Series MSO oscilloscope with minimum bandwidth of 4 GHz (option 6-BW-4000)
Supported instruments MSO64
Required option 6-WIN (Removable SSD with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system)
Software models
Application Option License type
Ethernet (2.5G and 5G BASE-T) Automated Compliance Solution 6-CMNBASET New instrument license
SUP6-CMNBASET Upgrade license
SUP6-CMNBASET-FL Floating license
Ethernet (10G BASE-T) Automated Compliance Solution 6-CMXGBT New instrument license
SUP6-CMXGBT Upgrade license
SUP6-CMXGBT-FL Floating license
Recommended probes
Probes Quantity
TDP3500 1 (minimum) 1

1*Quantity 2x, if performing Return loss measurement and 4x for testing multi-lane.

Recommended accessories
Accessories Quantity
Power Splitter - PSPL5331
SMA to BNC adopter PN: 015057200 
AWG compatibility (For Return Loss Measurements)

AWG5202 with option 250,2HV and 2DC (recommended), AWG7122C

IEEE 2.5GBASE-T Transmitter Non-linear Distortion Test (Section

This test requires a 45 MHz sine wave to be injected, as per the specification. This is only required for 2.5GBASE-T. The supported signal sources are:

  • AWG5202 , AFG3052C, AFG3102C, AFG3152C, AFG3252C (Recommended), AWG5002C, AWG5012C, AWG5014C, AWG7082C, AWG7122C

The TF-XGBT test fixture is required to perform all measurements and is designed to meet the test fixture requirements in each of the applicable specifications/standards.

TF-XGBT contains Quantity Description
Test fixture main board Main test fixture consist of 3 sections:
  • Test Fixture TC1: For Droop, Transmitter Timing Jitter - Master, Transmit Clock Frequency, Transmitter Linearity, Transmitter Power Spectral Density (PSD), and Power Level Compliance test measurements

    Note: Includes SMA Male-to-Female Adapter × 8 and 50 Ω SMA Terminator × 8 mounted on the SMA connectors

  • Test Fixture TC2: Transmitter Timing Jitter – Slave compliance test measurement

    Note: Includes SMA Male-to-Female Adapter × 2 mounted on the SMA connectors

  • Test Fixture TC3: Return Loss compliance test measurement

    Note: Includes SMA Male-to-Female Adapter × 2 mounted on the SMA connectors

Test fixture calibration board Required for Return Loss calibration
RJ45 patch cord 0.08 meter, shielded RJ45 cable to connect the test fixture to the Return Loss calibration board and the device under test
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