5 Series MSO Option 5-PWR Datasheet

Advanced Power Measurement and Analysis

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Get more visibility into your power systems with Advanced Power Measurement and Analysis on the 5 Series MSO. The combination of the oscilloscope, analysis software, and a wide range of available voltage and current probes, enables you to perform automated, accurate power system measurements even if you are not a power conversion guru. The 12-bit analog-to-digital converters in the 5 Series MSO deliver high-precision measurement data, and the pinch/swipe/zoom touch interface makes it easy to manage measurements. A rich set of graphical power analysis tools, signal visibility on up to 8 FlexChannel®inputs, and a 15.6-inch HD display, deliver a comprehensive view of your power system. The instrument supports a wide range of voltage and current probes, including state-of-the-art IsoVuTMoptically isolated voltage probes. The unmatched common mode rejection of IsoVu probes and the automation of Advanced Power Measurement and Analysis make an unbeatable combination for optimizing the latest GaN and SiC designs.

Key measurements
  • Line measurements
    • Power measures true power, apparent power, power factor, and phase angle
    • Total Harmonic Distortion and Crest Factor measurements
    • Harmonics measurements, bar charts, and tables
    • Amplitude provides easy per-cycle measurements of voltage or current, including minimum, maximum, amplitude, and peak-to-peak
  • Switching Device measurements
    • Switching Loss measures turn-on, turn-off, and conduction loss in switching devices
    • Safe Operating Area (SOA) provides customizable safe operating area mask testing
    • Timing analysis enables easy analysis of pulse-width-modulated switching signals with cycle-by-cycle plots or histograms of pulse width, duty cycle, frequency, or period
    • RDS(on) measures the dynamic resistance of the switching device when it is in the On state
  • Magnetic Analysis measurements
    • Inductance measures inductance of the core
    • Magnetic Property measures and plots the inductor B - H curve.
    • Magnetic Loss computes total magnetic loss
    • I vs. ∫V displays the plot of I and ∫V waveforms
  • Output measurements
    • Line Ripple
    • Switching Ripple
    • Efficiency measures the power circuit efficiency by dividing the measured output power by the measured input power
Key features
  • Add, configure, and remove automated measurements using the 5 Series MSO’s pinch/swipe/zoom touch interface

  • Easily document test results with automated report generation, including measurements, test results, and plots in a single, editable mht file or pdf file

  • Cover diverse applications with a wide range of voltage and current probes, including state-of-the-art IsoVu optically isolated voltage probes

  • Configure any measurement and transfer any result via remote interface for automated testing applications

Input analysis

Power quality measurements and current harmonics are two common sets of measurements made on the input section of a power supply, to analyze the effects of the power supply on the power line and evaluate the performance of the supply under various line conditions.

Power Quality

This group of measurements are optimized for line frequencies and are commonly performed at the AC line input of the power supply. They provide fast insight into the amount of power and the level of distortion at the input.

Measurements include:

  • RMS voltage and current

  • Frequency

  • True, apparent, and reactive power

  • Power factor

  • THD and crest factor




Input analysis
True power, Apparent power, Power factor, Reactive power, Crest factor, Phase angle, THD, Harmonics, Pre-compliance testing for EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-2 AM14, and MIL-STD-1399 (400 Hz) standards
Amplitude measurements
Cycle Amplitude, Cycle Top, Cycle Base, Cycle Minimum, Cycle Maximum, and Cycle Peak-to-Peak
Timing analysis
Pulse width, Duty cycle, Period, and Frequency variation versus time
Switching analysis
Switching loss, Turn-on (Ton), Turn -off (Toff), Conduction loss (cond), Safe operating area (SOA), SOA with Mask testing, di/dt, dv/dt, and RDS(on)
Magnetic analysis
Inductance, Magnetic Property, Magnetic Loss, and I vs.∫V
Output analysis
Ripple (line frequency, switching frequency) and Efficiency
Time trend, Trajectory plot, Histogram, Bar graph, B-H curve, Inductance plot, and I vs. ∫V plot.
MHT and PDF format, Data export to CSV format
Degauss/Deskew (static)
Automatic detection of probes, Auto Zero. User can deskew probes from the menus for each channel
Source support
Live analog signals, reference waveforms, and math waveforms

Ordering information

Product Options Supported instruments
New Instrument order option 5-PWR, 5-PS2 5 Series MSO oscilloscopes (MSO54, MSO56, MSO58, MSO58LP)
Product upgrade option SUP5-PWR
Floating license SUP5-PWR-FL 5 Series MSO oscilloscopes (MSO54, MSO56, MSO58, MSO58LP)
Floating licenses are transferrable from any 5 series oscilloscope to any other 5 series oscilloscope, for use of one instrument at a time.

Additional information about power analysis is available athttp://www.tek.com/application/power-supply-measurement-and-analysis.

Recommended probes and accessories
Accessory type Recommended
AC/DC current probes TCP0020, TCP0030A, TCP0150
AC current probes TRCP0300, TRCP0600, TRCP3000
Medium-voltage differential probes TDP0500, TDP1000
High-voltage differential probes THDP0200, THDP0100, TMDP0200
IsoVu isolated differential probes TIVM1/L, TIVH08/L, TIVH05/L, TIVH02/L
High-voltage passive probes P5100A, P6015A
Deskew pulse generator TEK-DPG
Power solution bundles 5-PS2
Deskew fixture 067-1686-xx
Power solution bundles


5 Series MSO PS bundle options Description
5-PS2 5-PWR, TCP0030A, THDP0200, 067-1686-xx deskew fixture
Complete power probing portfolio

Use the following list of probes with option 5-PWR power to ensure complete solution to power measurement capabilities on the 5 Series MSO oscilloscopes.

Probe type Description  
High voltage differential probes The THDP0100/THDP0200/TMDP0200 high-voltage differential probes are the best choice for making non-ground referenced, floating measurements. These probes provide bandwidths to 200 MHz and voltage ranges up to 6000 V.
The P5200A/P5202A/P5205A/P5210A high-voltage differential probes are the best choice for making non-ground referenced, floating or isolated measurements. These probes provide bandwidths to 100 MHz and voltage ranges up to 5600 V.
Optically Isolated differential probes The TIVM1, TIVH08, TIVH05, and TIVH02 optically-isolated differential probes are the best choice for accurately resolving high bandwidth, differential signals, ideal for testing wide bandgap designs. The probes are available in 3 m and 10 m lengths.
The TIVM1 provides 1 GHz bandwidth and can measure differential signals up to ±50 Vpk in the presence of common mode voltages up to 60 kV. The TIVH08, TIVH05, and TIVH02 provide 800 MHz, 500 MHz, and 200 MHz, respectively, and can measure differential signals up to ±2500 Vpk in the presence of common mode voltages up to 60 kV.

Current probes Tektronix offers a broad portfolio of current probes, including AC/DC current probes that provide bandwidths up to 120 MHz and best-in-class current clamp sensitivity down to 1 mA.
AC-only Rogowski probes include the TRCP300 (9 Hz to 30 MHz, 250 mA to 300 A peak), TRCP600 (12 Hz to 30 MHz, 500 mA to 600 A peak), and TRCP3000 (1 Hz to 16 MHz, 500 mA to 3000 A peak).
Mid-voltage differential probes The TDP0500/TDP1000 medium-voltage differential probes are the best choice for making non-ground referenced, floating or isolated measurements. These probes provide bandwidths to 1 GHz and voltage ranges up to ±42 V (DC + pk AC).

For a complete listing of compatible probes for each oscilloscope, please refer tohttp://www.tek.com/probesfor specific information on the recommended models of probes and any necessary probe adapters.



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