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The overwhelming popularity of smart phones, and their insatiable demand for bandwidth to support streaming video and applications, has network operators looking to equipment suppliers for high-speed solutions to expand the capacity of their networks.

Accomplishing that goal requires high-performance microelectronics to enable the advanced capabilities of next generation systems, and a development partner who is a leader in the field.

Tektronix Component Solutions is an expert at high-performance microelectronic development and has proven capabilities serving high-speed communications applications – including 40G and 100G commercial applications as well as military applications. Our broad base of capabilities is well-suited for the requirements of communication system manufacturers. With experience and capabilities that span advanced electro-optical modules, customizable high-frequency Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) IC packaging platforms, high-speed data converters and wideband ASIC design services, Tektronix Component Solutions is the microelectronics partner you can trust to enable your next generation communications systems.

Electro-Optical Modules

We provide turnkey capabilities for electro-optical modules – including design, assembly and test services. Previous experience includes development of a proprietary prism that bends the optical path to enable a lower product profile for an optical transceiver device. For that same product, Tektronix Component Solutions used a custom six axis alignment system for active alignment of the optics and developed an electro-optical test suite capable of testing up to four receiver channels simultaneously.

Adding to our expertise in electro-optical module development, we have advanced capabilities in optical interconnect technologies. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

High-Performance IC Packaging

Tektronix Component Solutions’ high-performance packaging capabilities enable the development of next-generation communications systems. Our customizable 15 and 30+ GHz BGA and 40+ GHz LCC package platforms, qualified specifically with the needs of communications customers in mind, shorten the development cycle for high-performance ASIC packages, improving time-to-market for high-speed communications product deployment.