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Живой чат с представителями Tektronix. С 9:00 до 17:00, тихоокеанское поясное время.


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Живой чат с представителями Tektronix. С 9:00 до 17:00 CET


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Обратная связь

Dependent Care Account: This plan allows you to use tax-free dollars to pay day care expenses for your eligible dependents (both children and elderly parents) while you work. You can contribute up to $5,000 per year to this account depending on your spouse's work status and your tax needs.

Adoption Expense Reimbursement Plan: Tektronix helps in the cost of adopting a child by providing you a benefit of up to $5,000 to reimburse eligible expenses incurred in the adoption process.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): This benefit provides free and confidential resources for a variety of situations you may need assistance with. You and your eligible dependents can receive childcare and elder care referrals, legal and financial assistance, and counseling, for example.