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New video standards drive PRISM platform development

By Michael Brett

With the video industry moving to higher and higher quality formats (think 4K, 8K HDR, WCG etc.), it became increasingly clear that SDI was going to be a bottleneck and sooner or later the industry as a whole would need to transition to video over IP.

But this transition has proven to be anything but fast and easy.

The first attempt, mainly for early adopters involved the 2022-6 standard which was a “close cousin” to SDI. As Charlie Dunn, general manager for the Video Product Line here at Tektronix, explains in the video below the need for more flexibility drove the move to the ST-2110 standard, which will form the basis for IP deployments going forward.

The test requirements for SDI systems are relatively well known and documented. However, as the industry transitions to IP-based technologies a whole series of new measurements is required to understand what is happening on the network. Timing is particularly important when dealing with the ST2110 standard where the video, audio and data are sent in separate streams. Being able to test the integrity of the separate data paths is essential to ensuring that the transmission reliability is maintained.

The need to help customers deal with this complexity in part drove the development of PRISM. A completely new platform designed to give customers the insight they need to monitor and troubleshoot IP networks, the PRISM platform helps broadcasters address operational, quality and compliance concerns all from a single, intuitive interface.

“Our focus on PRISM was really meant to help the early adopters, some of the proof of concept, some of the showcase developments. As those transition more into, I would say, a more mature market and widescale deployment, we’re going to add all the things to the platform that I think people expect Tektronix to provide, so all the operational concerns, all the QC concerns, all of the compliance concerns are all going to be part of what we call the PRISM platform,” Dunn says.

The transition to 2110 may not be easy, but you don’t have to go it alone. With Tektronix’ PRISM you are assured both a partner and a solution that will reduce the complexity of the migration and give you confidence in your switch to IP along with long term investment protection.  To get the full story on Tektronix’ solutions for live IP video production, please visit https://www.tek.com/next-gen-media/live-ip-media-analysis


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