Поддержка автоматического тестирования с помощью осциллографов Tektronix' для MOST предоставляет инженерам стандартные пределы для проверки «годен-негоден» и предварительные настройки осциллографа для каждого измерения. Это снижает сложность и сокращается время тестирования устройств MOST.

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Ensuring the Performance and Conformance of In-Vehicle Networks for New-Generation Automobiles

When comparing past, present and future automobiles, one trend is clear: cars have become data centers on wheels. Within each vehicle, the volume of data from safety systems, onboard sensors, navigation systems, and so on—and the reliance on that data—continues to grow rapidly. This has major implications for in-vehicle networks (IVNs) in terms of speed, capacity and reliability.

This primer provides an overview of the trends, challenges and solutions associated with the expected future evolution of IVNs.

MOST Essentials – Electrical Compliance and Debug Test Solution for MOST50 and MOST150 (MOI)

This document provides the Methods of Implementation for making MOST measurements with Tektronix oscilloscopes enabled with option DJA, option MOST.


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